Tech-Neck: Expert Offers Tips for Reducing and Avoiding Pain and Injury

Dr. Jeff Manning, a leading expert on a new technology-related discomfort called ‘tech-neck’, is featured in an interview on WFAA-TV in Dallas.

Click to watch:  Tech-neck is a growing problem, but Chiropractic can help

Tips from Dr. Jeff Manning, Manning Wellness Clinic; How to Reduce or Prevent Handheld Device Related Pain:


  • Limit the amount of time and frequency that you use your device. If you have to use it for an extended period of time, take breaks. Rule of thumb: Take a 5-minute break for every 15 minutes you use your device, and don’t type for more than 3 minutes straight.  Get up and walk around to stretch your muscles. One simple exercise is to tilt your head to one side (ear to shoulder) then to the other side, back to neutral, turn to look all the way to the right, then left.  Back to neutral, then lean head back and back to neutral.  Do all without raising shoulders. Don’t stretch forward…this only accentuates the poor posture your trying to avoid. Do it slowly, without straining. Repeat.


  • Be aware of your posture.  Pay attention to how you hold your device. Try to keep your wrists straight and upright. Loosen your grip when possible.  Alternate the fingers you use to type; if you most often use your thumbs, try to switch to your index finger as it allows you to keep the hands more relaxed.


  • Use a tablet holder: There are many on the market, but all have the common goal of securing the tablet at a height that is designed to reduce your need to keep your head bent down and forward. Keeping your device at eye-level will help to reduce neck pain and possible damage. It can also prevent what is know as “text-neck” or head-forward posture.
  • Listen to your body: If you are experiencing pain in your neck, back, shoulders, hand…or eye-strain, pay attention. Those aches and pains have a source, and in this case, it may be technology.  Overuse of handheld devices can also exacerbate an existing or old injury so be aware of what you are feeling. Don’t’ fall into the trap of, ‘If I ignore it, maybe it will go away’.
  • Seek help: If you are experiencing discomfort, don’t wait, seek professional help.



Dr. Jeffrey Manning, DC

Manning Wellness Clinic

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Stress: No Two Chiropractic Patients are ever the Same


Think about you feel when you’re stressed: Are you in pain? Do your muscles tighten? Do you eat more or less? Is your stomach in knots? Are you short of breath? Are you forgetful? Sad? Though our symptoms differ, one thing remains the same: Our bodies feel the impact of stress and one way or another, our bodies will tell us they need help. Without help, the stress, not unlike black mold, will invade our systems. It is well documented that high levels of stress can contribute to heart disease, cancer, headaches, ulcers, digestive disturbances, backaches and nearly every other condition known to mankind.

Stress is a nervous system reaction that causes your heart to beat faster, your muscles to be tense, your stomach to tighten, and your hair follicles to stand up, all as a way to prepare your body for an emergency. When you interpret a situation as stressful, whether it truly is or not, your brain triggers this reaction by sending a signal over your spinal cord and nervous system to every cell of your body.

Where your body breaks down from stress may depend on whether or not you have a condition known as vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is a spinal injury that interferes with the normal function of your nervous system which can affect your health on every level whether you have symptoms or not. If you have this in your spine, your body is already pre-stressed.

Some people deal with stress through deep breathing, meditation, exercise and healthy food choices–all very good things to do as part of your lifestyle to counter-balance stress, but if your nervous system is pre-stressed, the slightest deviation from the perfect stress management plan can send you into a frustrating, uncomfortable, or painful tailspin. Removing this pre-stress causing subluxation can improve your resistance to daily stressors dramatically.

Research shows that it only takes the weight of a dime to reduce nerve transmission. Additional research has found that nerve compression can exist without pain and can cause deterioration within two weeks.

In this pre-stressed condition, your body becomes more vulnerable to outside stresses while other people may be much more resistant. The location of the subluxation can determine what types of symptoms, if any, you experience. For example, someone with nerve interference in the upper part of the neck might feel headaches, have allergies, or a stiff neck. Because the nerves fibers that come out of the upper neck also go to the entire body, pressure here can literally cause or mimic nearly every symptom or disease you can name.

Interference to the nerve supply in the lower back can cause a backache, leg problems and also affect ovary, prostate, bladder or bowel function. Interference to the nerves in the middle of your back can affect your heart and lungs or cause tension, stomach problems, digestive disturbances and discomfort.

“I have adjusted patients who have come in for lower-back pain, but then reported to me that they were able to sleep better…or no longer felt numbness in their fingers…or in a recent case, my female patient reported that her menstrual cycle seemed to be ‘kick-started’ after being adjusted,” reports Dr. Jeff Manning, DC, of the Manning Wellness Clinic in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Manning adds, “Although that patient was shocked, I wasn’t; I know that removing interference within the body can have incredible, widespread results in fertility and health overall.”

The scary part is that like most serious conditions, vertebral subluxations can cause stress for decades without any symptoms. This is when serious problems occur, many of which could have been avoided by eliminating this pre-stressed condition right away. The birth process, childhood falls, sports injuries and poor lifestyle habits are just a few causes of subluxations. Rather than getting to the cause and removing this underlying problem, many people attempt to chase their symptoms away with drugs, or another type of quick fix, and then wonder why their condition returns. Removing the cause and optimizing the function of your nervous system is a better immediate and long-term plan.

Regardless or your symptoms, a chiropractic examination can locate pre-stressed areas in your spine that may be affecting your health on every level.

Crisis care–only receiving care when you are hurt–is one way to deal with stress, but a much better option is to remove the subluxation and stress from your body and keep it as a part of your lifestyle. This will help you to reduce stress, increase activity and happiness, live more, and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.


(Excerpts from TFP, Inc and

Manning Wellness Clinic Top-Secret Chiropractic Yelp Reviews

We know that Yelp has some top-secret algorithm that it uses to filter reviews, and while there seems to be no rhyme or reason, we have 6 (yes, 6!!) 5-star reviews that are filtered, or basically unreadable and un-findable unless you are a Yelp regular and know to look for them. But, we are SO proud of what our patients say about us, and we feel that they say it best. So, without further ado, here they are: (By the way, if any of you are Yelpers and have any ideas as to why these reviews are hidden, please shoot us a note and let us know)

6 Filtered Reviews for Manning Wellness Clinic

Dallas, TX

5.0 star rating


I have to say that I’ve been going to Manning Wellness Clinic for over 2 years now, and I have  been 100% satisfied every time.  I had been to a chiropractor before, but it wasn’t that great.  Dr. Manning not only has helped my headaches and sports injuries, but he truly listens to you at every visit.  He is so attentive and caring, and I love that they are expanding with massage and accupuncture.  I’ve never tried it, but I think I’m going to have to give it a shot!

Dallas, TX

5.0 star rating


Found Wellness clinic online and felt compelled to write to let others know of the relief I am feeling.  I was in excruciating pain when I first went to Dr. Manning.  I have had only 3 visits and I can honestly say my pain is just about gone.  I had been to several other doctors and no one seemed to be able to help me. I would highly recommend the services I have received at his office and will continue to seek his treatments whenever I am in pain.    Thank you so much for helping me to live without the daily pain.

Dallas, TX

5.0 star rating


Sooooo, I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years with a variety of results, then I found Dr. Jeff and my treatment and results jumped to a new level that I didn’t know existed!  After many years of “pain management” with previous chiropractors (which I was grateful for) I started my regimen with Dr. Manning and my back issues improved to a degree I did not think possible.  Then eventually ALL of my pain and discomfort just left.  Now with the occasional wellness/maintenance visit I have been able to stay healthy and pain free for over 5 years now.

Recently I have pampered myself with some of their other wellness offerings such as massage therapy (highly recommended) and acupuncture.  I’ve been impressed with both.  They have truly assembled a quality staff of talented professionals.

Dr. Jeff THANK YOU!  You and your staff are amazing and I truly appreciate what you did for me and my quality of life.

Dallas, TX

5.0 star rating


Dr. Manning is, at once, one of the most competent and caring physicians I’ve ever encountered.  Because of his diligent work to improve my overall health, my visits now are infrequent, usually brought about by a quick injury.  His equally quick accommodation is efficiently respectful of my time and, because he actually pays attention and clearly cares, we never must start from scratch.  In the currency of relationships, there is no richer an investment in wellness than the affordable and amiable services of Jeff Manning.

Dallas, TX

5.0 star rating


I know that when I visit Dr. Manning, I will be listened to and helped.  I had a hand issue that was troubling me a few months ago.  Because of Dr. Manning’s skills and patience, I had use of my hand the next day.  Dr. Manning is easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend going to him for care!  It is rare  to find a doctor so invested in his patients.

Dallas, TX

5.0 star rating


I never trusted a chiropractor until I met Dr. Manning.  A friend referred me after I complained of a life-long problem with acute headaches.  Although initially skeptical, I became a converted patient after a few sessions with Dr. Manning.  My entire family now sees him regularly, and I consider him an essential part of our wellness care.

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