Voted Best Chiropractor in Dallas in the 2013 Dallas Voice Readers Voice Awards.


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Yelp:  5/13/2013 5-stars

“Truly, I did not know what a chiropractic adjustment could be until I met Dr. Manning.

I don’t mean to diss my last chiropractor, as she wasn’t terrible, but now in comparison to Dr. Manning’s thorough approach, her adjustments seem pretty perfunctory. In one short visit, I quickly learned that there is much more to the practice than I even knew was possible. (Example: did you know you can have your jaw adjusted? I wish I had known sooner!)….”

From Google: Sep 24, 2011
***** Dr. Manning is so patient and understanding. I’ve only seen him for a few weeks so far, but I’ve never met a more caring and honest chiropractor in my life. There’s a reason for his reputation.

Liked: Top quality care in a great location. You can even run downstairs to grab a burger!


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  • Brad H.   *****  3/11/2012

Dr. Manning is, at once, one of the most competent and caring physicians I’ve ever encountered.  Because of his diligent work to improve my overall health, my visits now are infrequent, usually brought about by a quick injury.  His equally quick accommodation is efficiently respectful of my time and, because he actually pays attention and clearly cares, we never must start from scratch.  In the currency of relationships, there is no richer an investment in wellness than the affordable and amiable services of Jeff Manning.

  • Jill S.  ***** 3/2/2012

I know that when I visit Dr. Manning, I will be listened to and helped.  I had a hand issue that was troubling me a few months ago.  Because of Dr. Manning’s skills and patience, I had use of my hand the next day.  Dr. Manning is easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend going to him for care!  It is rare  to find a doctor so invested in his patients.

  • Valeri W. ***** Dallas, TX  3/1/2012

I never trusted a chiropractor until I met Dr. Manning.  A friend referred me after I complained of a life-long problem with acute headaches.  Although initially skeptical, I became a converted patient after a few sessions with Dr. Manning.  My entire family now sees him regularly, and I consider him an essential part of our wellness care.



***** I’ve been to Chiropractors before and although they’ve adjusted OK, I’ve always left feeling kind of rushed. Just the opposite here–Dr. Manning actually schedules visits long enough so he can listen to what is really wrong and try to correct it. He seems to care more about his patient than he cares about looking at his watch. He even called –he personally, not an assistant–after my first visit to see how I was feeling. What doctor ever does that?? Most importantly, I really have never felt this good for so long. I’m a runner and my knees take a beating but as long as I make my appointments once or twice a month, I’m so much better off. This is the kind of Chiropractor who you follow when/if they move to a new office. I have sent some running friends and a couple coworkers in and they’ve all felt the same as me so I know my experience was not unique.

*****  1st Class Service!! Very personal, will know you by name! Doesn’t make you feel rushed in and out and truely cares about pacient’s overall wellness. The massage therapist, Dr. Manning’s assistant, is also very friendly and will also know you by name. I saw Dr. Manning for many months from a problem that I’ve encountered for several years. I have no hip/ back/ or neck pain since he got me all straightened out. Even if his office is not close to you, it’s well worth the drive!! He has very convinient hours, too–even on Saturdays! Overall, this Chiropractic Center is the best I’ve ever experienced.

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From Google+: April, 2013: Quality Excellent

Dr. Manning is top notch. Unlike many medical people, Dr. Manning takes the time to actually listen to your complaints and then chooses the best possible route for relief. In today’s world of health care, it is unusual to find someone as skilled and compassionate as Dr. Manning.

From Google: Sep 24, 2011
***** Dr. Manning is so patient and understanding. I’ve only seen him for a few weeks so far, but I’ve never met a more caring and honest chiropractor in my life. There’s a reason for his reputation.

Liked: Top quality care in a great location. You can even run downstairs to grab a burger!


Our patients are a diverse group; lawyers, doctors, local television reporters, athletes, students, babies, mothers, fathers…but they all have one thing in common, the goal of better health.

By nature and profession, I am a skeptic.  I refused to go to chiropractors because I believed many practiced quacky medicine.  But when I turned 40, job related stress began giving me upper back and shoulder pain.  I was referred to Dr. Manning by several friends, who spoke very highly of him.  Although I was apprehensive on my first visit, Dr. Manning immediately put me at ease with his professionalism.  He offered solid medical explanations for all of his procedures.  No auras.  No gimmicky devices.  It was easy to trust him. Dr. Manning has now become a routine part my familiy’s healthcare.  I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone.

(Valerie, Television News Reporter)

Both my children suffer from allergies and asthma and have been on countless medications over the years. Since they never had back pain, I never thought about taking them to a Chiropractor. Now I only wish I had taken them to Dr. Manning sooner! Not only has he helped both my kids (they both take far fewer medications) but he has educated us about how Chiropractic can help so much more than back pain. The entire family sees him regularly and I believe we are all healthier as a result.  He really is a family doctor and has a knack for making kids feel completely comfortable.

(Beth, mother and teacher)

I fractured my vertebrae on the airplane going through “clear air” a few years ago, suffered constant pain and discomfort and  Dr. Manning has been incredibly helpful, keeping me feeling GREAT!  He has the MIDAS  TOUCH!  After each adjustments,  I walk out of the office feeling awesome!! Dr. Manning’s knowledge of chiropractic care, along with his sincere and caring attitude, is unmatched.  If anyone has a fear of seeing a Chiropractor, just make an appointment with Dr. Manning and all of that fear will be adjusted right out of you!

(Billy, Delta Flight Attendant)

“I call Dr. Manning when I’m experiencing back pain… but within hours of leaving his office, my whole body feels better.  He offers a drug-free, non-surgical approach to healing that alters your body, mind and spirit.”

(Stephanie, writer)

When I first came to Dr Manning, I couldn’t turn my neck and I had knee pains when I exercised.  X-rays revealed bone spurs in my neck, while Dr Manning found my hip to be out of alignment as well. Since his treatment, my bone spurs have all but disappeared, and my spinal health has improved immensely.  As an avid runner, Dr Manning has worked miracles, turning me into a healthy runner, and helping me run pain free.”

(George, Sports Personality and Professional Runner)