Observations from a Bike: A Chiropractor’s Top 5 list of Cycling Ailments


Dr. Jeff Manning, DC, owner of the Manning Wellness Clinic in Dallas, along with more than 3000 cyclists, took part in the Tour Dallas Road Rally this past Saturday, April 7.  With the help of countless Dallas Police officers along the route, riders were assured a safe ride through downtown, over viaducts,  and through parts of east Dallas.  Biking is one of the best ways to see a city, and the annual Tour Dallas is always a well-planned, well-executed, perfect-for-all-levels-of-rider rally.  For Team Manning Wellness, which completed the 2o-mile loop of the tour, it was family affair, complete with Dr. Manning’s wife, Meridith, and 2 daughters.

“Along the route, I couldn’t help but notice riders non-verbally showing signs of discomfort and pain,” says Dr. Manning.  “What can I say…as an avid cyclist and a chiropractor, pain is just one of those subtle—or not so subtle–things I take note of.”  Dr. Manning, along with his massage therapists, offered free massage and chiropractic consultations at the Manning Wellness tent afterwards, where he says, his suspicions were confirmed: “Cyclists definitely show patterns of injury, stiffness, soreness, and overall discomfort.”

Here are the top 5 symptoms:

1. Numbness and tingling in the hands or fingers

2. Neck pain

3. Pain across shoulders

4. Lower back pain/SI joint point

5. Knee pain

Dr. Manning says the good news is that many of these ailments can be relieved with properly targeted chiropractic adjustments and muscle work, and can be prevented by having an expert check the fit of your bike.  Call area bike shops to see if they have a specialist who can properly fit you for a bike. This is often a paid service, so ask beforehand and check online reviews and/or with local cycling clubs to find the best option near you.

There are several at-home stretches you can do, especially to ease soreness in the lower back. Before trying any strenuous stretching at home, it’s best to see a chiropractor, especially if you’ve been experiencing symptoms for more than several weeks and/or if you’ve had an injury in the past. Chiropractors will tailor stretches to target your muscles while helping you to avoid injury.


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  1. and the next time you hear someone talk about
    “stomach exercises”, you’ll now be able to get a
    good chuckle out of that. Chiropractic treatment focuses on these spinal difficulties and corrects them by means of light and successful changes of the backbone.
    This is one reason why you should only see a chiropractor that comes highly recommended.

    • Although people may be tempted to only visit the first chiropractor on their insurance plan list, your advice is perfect: see a chiropractor who is highly recommended. Check and thoroughly read reviews. Ask friends and co-workers. Often times an out of network doctor may actually cost close to the same as in network. Only difference is that you’ll get to choose who you’d like to see.