Tech-Neck expert Dr. Jeff Manning on WFAA-TV

Watch Tech-neck expert Dr. Jeff Manning on WFAA
Tech-neck expert Dr. Jeff Manning on WFAA!

Tech-neck expert Dr. Jeff Manning was interviewed on WFAA-TV. And the timing couldn’t be better. Is your bed your new office? The kitchen table your new desk? If so, you are not alone! More than 41% of all working Americans are now working from home–and will continue to do so through 2021–and a majority are experiencing neck, back, and shoulder pain as a result. Tech-neck rates are on the rise! Feeling the effects? Click here to request an appointment.

Don’t get us wrong, working from home definitely has advantages like comfortable clothing (the “athleisure” clothing industry is booming!), constant access to coffee, tea or snacks, time with pets, the ability to open a window….But those perks are coming with the downside of new aches and pains.

At-home exercises to alleviate tech-neck in between adjustments

In between adjustments, there are also several key exercises you can do to try to undo the damage from working from home (looking down at your computer or phone all day is taking a toll!). Click here to see some of the Dr. Manning’s best exercises to help with tech-neck.

In case you missed tech-neck expert Dr. Jeff Manning on WFAA/Channel 8, click here to see his segment on Good Morning Texas