A note from Dr. Manning

As many of you know, I can often be found at 5:30am riding the deserted streets of Dallas on my road bike. With a devoted group of comrades, we snake our way through the still dark streets, racking up miles along the way. For months, we had our eyes on the prize: The annual and grueling 100 mile “Hotter than Hell” bike rally at the end of August in Witchita Falls. Temps this year we’re less than hellish, so overall it was a great ride! I confess, there were many mornings when I much rather would’ve stayed in bed, but I somehow mustered the strength to swing my legs over the side of the bed and stand upright. Once that happened, it was basically a sleep-walk into the riding clothes and onto the bike.


The  “Hotter than Hell”100-mile group 2013. Multiple members received standing rib adjustments from Dr. Manning (5th from right) at the starting line. The adjustments helped them to breathe easier during the strenuous ride.


I share this story because I know how often I ask my patients about exercise; whether they do, and how often. Many of you do some type of physical activity (some overdo it and then come to me so I can “undo” the damage), which is a great start. But, and you know who you are, some people simply cannot find a way to even begin. That first step is a hard one, I know. Ask my wife and she confirm that I am NOT by nature a morning person. She is. I was never one to wake up early to have time for a cup of coffee, much less exercise. However, since I keep late hours, the mornings were and are all that are left.

Tomorrow morning, I encourage you to set your alarm 30 minutes early, swing your leg over the bed, stand up, and take your first wobbly steps to a healthier day. Do it again the following day. And the following. Let it become a habit, a contagious one. Before you know it, you, too, may be out cruising the still dark streets of Dallas with a riding posse of your own.

I can’t wait to see you at the next Hotter than Hell ride 2014!


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